Is your common sense is tingling? High Moon Studios’ Deadpool releases on the 25th of this month on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. The console version will hit the shelves at $49.99 while the PC version will be slightly cheaper at $39.99… and even cheaper if you know where to get it.

For bargain hunting PC gamers, there’s a chance to grab DeadPool 20% off. GameFly has PC download coupon for Deadpool knocking the price down to $32 – a full $10 in savings.

Preorder copies of the game come with both a “Merc With a Map Pack” DLC and exclusive digital wallpaper. Okay… the wallpaper isn’t that enticing, but the DLC pack includes two additional maps to the Challenge Mode and some additional skins for the Deadpool character.

Deadpool will use the Steam DRM. GameFly’s coupon code ends on June 20th, so you’ll have to preorder before then to get the PC discount.

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