The first details for Dead Space 3 from the latest Gameinformer article have been leaked online from a user on Neogaf. Although it’s very limited details, for now, there’s still some exciting stuff to be heard. One of the most interesting things that we found is that Dead Space 3, will NOT include competitive multiplayer this time around. Guess EA finally figured it out that some games just don’t need multiplayer. However, Co-op is a new addition coming to the series and John Carver will be your partner against the Necromorph hordes. You can get the whole story by just playing by yourself, but if you do decide to play with a friend, new cutscenes and interactions between Carver and Issac will be displayed.

Something brand new to the Dead Space series, which may or may not be in the hardcore fans interest is a cover system. The Unitologists in Dead Space 3 are said to be hostile this time around, as human vs human combat will accompany the fight against the Necromorphs. To what extent, we do not know, but if you’ve played previous Dead Space games you should already know just how crazy some of these scientists really are.

For those of you who were worried about Dead Space taking the same path as Resident Evil has, you’ll be happy to know that the dark corridors, claustrophobic moments and everything else that has made Dead Space what it is today, will be included. Zero gravity moments will also be making a comeback as well, let’s just hope it’s not as clunky as the first games.

Those are all the details we have to share for now, so make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date with all the latest information from Dead Space 3! Don’t forget about our Wrack giveaway either, over 200 entries have been made so far.


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  1. It doesn't bother me about the co-op since I think it'll be great to play a game I love with a friend or someone else. The cover system is a little weird to put into this game cause I just don't think it's needed. I will still buy this day 1 though.

    1. Yea we'll have to see about this cover system, however, I've always kind of wanted one and I highly doubt it'll be useful against the necromorphs at all honestly, considering the fact they'll do just about anything to grab your face

  2. A cover system! I missed that when I was detailing those screenshots. It should have been obvious considering the image of Isaac and John cover-shooting side by side. That will be interesting to see how effective it is when Necromorphs are charging headlong at you. I'd rather stay on the move. If the Unitologists will have guns, a cover system will come in handy. We'll have to change up strategies based on the enemies we're facing.

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