Remember the days when a patch was nothing more than a few measly MB? Unfortunately, those days are now long gone with this new generation of consoles.

The patch that is now rolling out for Capcom’s Dead Rising 3 is possibly the largest to hit a console game to date, consuming 13GB (yes, that’s thirteen gigabyte) of your precious Xbox One’s hard drive. A notable chunk when you remember that the One only has a 500GB one available and it’s not possible to replace it with a larger one.

This patch contains many stability, SmartGlass and gameplay fixes that players have experienced since the game launched back in November, but the meat of this update is the brand new downloadable content that is launching tomorrow.

This first episode of the “Untold Stories of Los Perdidos” revolves around Adam Kane, a spec ops commander that is tasked with battling everything he believes in with the end goal of capturing the missing president of the United States.

Operation Broken Eagle will be available for £7.99 on its own however it’s also included in the Dead Rising 3 season pass. The DLC contains one new mission, five new weapons, one new combo weapon, one new vehicle, as well as several new weapons and items of clothing.

The four content drops; Broken Eagle, Fallen Angel, Chaos Rising and The Last Agent are all included in the games season pass which will set you back £23.99.

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