According to numerous sources Dead Island 2 has reportedly been delayed to the Fall of 2015.

According to both Eurogamer Czech and VideoGamer, Dead Island 2 will not be releasing this Spring as originally planned. We haven’t seen much of any of the game since its initial reveal so this shouldn’t come as a surprise to most.

Eurogamer’s source told them the game wouldn’t be releasing until September of this year. Keep in mind that Homefront: The Revolution has been pushed back to 2016, so Deep Silver may be shifting their schedule a bit to accommodate that big delay.

A planned Beta for the game was supposed to be available sometime this Spring, but there’s been no word on that from either Yager or Deep Silver on the matter.

We’ll keep you updated if we hear anything more regarding Dead Island 2 and the rumored (most likely) delay of the game. Stay tuned to OnlySP by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. Delays, delays, delays. The gaming industry is AMATEURISH.

    1. Would you rather we have issues like Assassin’s Creed: Unity and Halo: MCC again? Devs are taking their time instead of rushing products, that’s good. Sure you have to wait a little longer, but the payoff is worth of it.

      1. Half-Life 2 had major delays and is still considered one of the best games of all time.. It’s not the first, and won’t be the last delayed game that was still successful. Some games make it on time, but are bugfests and lose features. As Nick mentioned, AC as a whole showcases this. It’s happened forever, Vampire Bloodlines is another example, though I still love that game. There are also games that see delay and still suck.

        I would rather wait and see. I forget who recently said it, but a bad game that is rushed out on time is still a bad game. A good game that gets released late is still good. Give them a little time to try and make it good… The industry is not lacking in releases, taking into account indies and AA titles to go along with the blockbusters.

      2. How about not setting a public release date that cannot be met? How about actually meeting a deadline with a completed game? Imagine if Hollywood tried this? Film opens November 13…uh…actually…

        1. Well, I mean movies and video games are way different in how they’re developed. You don’t really have “bugs” in a movie. I’d imagine it’s much easier to have a movie ready to go than it is a video game. Plus, there’a ton more content in games than movies to work with.

  2. Aw man. Maybe delayed because Dying Light is still selling fairly well and they didn’t want to jump into a market where everyone is already playing a zombie open world game?

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