Days Gone

An interview by VentureBeat has revealed some of the up-coming features of survivalist title Days Gone.

Speaking with Darren Yager and Ron Allen of Bend Studios, a part of the interview revealed that resource management would be an important part. Details are light of what this could include (especially as ammunition was apparently in abundance in the demo VentureBeat tried), although an example was given: fuel. Allen then went on to further describe details about the bike:

“The bike can also take damage. The bike plays a huge, huge role in the game. I can’t go into too much detail, but you can look forward to learning more about that.”

In addition, when asked what separates Days Gone from similar “alive zombie” titles, Ron Allen felt the environments were a distinguishing factor.

“Starting from there, in the Pacific Northwest and in the high desert, we have some pretty extreme weather. We have dynamic weather in the game. One day, it could be 100 degrees, and the next day, it could be snowing. All of that affects the world and affects the gameplay. That alone is unique.”

Another detail, and perhaps a concerning side of Days Gone, is a suggestion the difficulty may be forgiving. Yager, responding to a question about the AI being sophisticated, commented “In the end, we want to make it friendly for the player, not brutal.”

As a fan of zombie games, I’d dread zombie AI that is “friendly.” I want to have my chest ripped open, my organs clumsily consumed and then my face stomped into a mush over and over. I want to be brutalised after a desperate struggle gone wrong. However, this could be born from my hundreds of hours mowing down the undead in games like Killing Floor 2, Resident Evil 2 and Call of Duty’s Nazi Zombies in a cathartic manner. It could be Days Gone is not for me or anyone who shares my sensibilities.

Days Gone will be an exclusive title for the Playstation 4, with no release date currently.

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