Daylight is an upcoming horror game heading to the PC and PS4 from the developers at Zombie Studios.

Atlus has just sent out a press release for Daylight revealing quite a bit of new info for the game. First off, Daylight will be releasing on April 8th at a price of $14.99 on both the PC and PS4.  In addition, Atlus has announced that the game will support 3D-enabled TV’s and monitors at release, no update will be required. For PC users with Oculus Rift, the game will also be compatible with that.

Some new environments for the game were also revealed in the press release and will be procedurally generated areas just like the hospital area that you start out in. These new areas are simply titled, The Prison and The Forest. Below you will find descriptions of both areas.

The Prison:

The Prison area unlocks after players find their way out of Dr. Mercer’s office. The hospital doors are replaced with iron bars, nurses’ stations replaced with guard checkpoints, and the prison is punctuated with a lurking 3-story stack of prison cells. Remnants players will find in this area are notes from prisoners to each other, guard logs about various altercations, and even a few cover-ups of impropriety. The spirits players begin to encounter in the prison are the first ones in the game that start to get aggressive. Staying safe in the prisons will require being able to quickly and efficiently navigate the prison block, but the tight corridors and guard rooms will put players to the test.


The Forest:

One of the later levels in Daylight is the Forest. After players traverse through the Prison and the Sewers, they will find themselves outdoors in a big open area, lit only by the trusty mobile phone light and the faint glow of a sallow moon. Despite being a giant open area of scrub land and swamps, the Forest still has the same procedurally generated environments as the rest of Daylight. Several notable landmarks will be randomly generated in the open world. The random landmarks will also contain the location of the remnants to find, but only the bravest players will live long enough to see what kind of horrors the forest holds (the shack full of nooses is a personal favorite of mine).



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