Double Fine, fresh off of their announcement of Psychonauts 2 on the FIG crowdfunding platform during the VGAs, continues with the surprises at the 2015 Playstation Experience. In October they announced the remaster of their classic Maniac Mansion sequel, Day of the Tentacle, and now they’ve provided us with a trailer.

In the video you can see the transition between the original graphics and the new. It’s possible that you may be able to switch on the fly as other classic remasters have allowed for. With the first two Monkey Island games, Double Fine’s previous remaster Grim Fandango, and this release, almost all of the original classic LucasArts adventure games have been covered.

There are a few oustanding titles: Sam and Max has seen reinvention in episodic form and who knows if Disney has any ideas as far as the Indiana Jones adventure games are concerned. Aside from cult classic The Dig and the later Monkey Island games, there’s only one title left: Full Throttle, from lead designer Tim Schafer. And thankfully, along with this new Day of Tentacle trailer, a Full Throttle Remastered has now been announced as well.

As an adventure game fan, and collector of LucasArts and Sierra titles, I couldn’t be any happier with this announce. Here’s what the original Full Throttle intro looks like with some advanced image filtering:

Can’t wait to see what some studio-produced, “full throttle” remastering will look and sound like… What say you adventure fans? Check out our other stories from the Playstation Experience in our latest news, and as always please share on Twitter and Facebook.

James Schumacher
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