David Cage

Quantic Dream head David Cage says the studio does not need Hollywood talent to tell compelling stories.

Cage recently answered a few questions from OnlySP about the PC ports of some of Quantic Dream’s titles. When asked whether or not the studio would pursue the inclusion of well-known talent in the future, Cage had this to say:

“We never considered actors with big names as an asset in themselves for our games. Actually, we sometimes felt it was even the opposite: having famous actors could be a handicap for a title because some press and gamers will think that they are just marketing assets.”

Cage continued on by praising Ellen Page’s performance in Beyond: Two Souls, saying that her character would “be very different” without Page’s performance.

“We will certainly continue to work with Hollywood talents in the future because they significantly help us to create emotional experiences and believable characters.”

Overall, Quantic Dream studio head stressed that what was most important was creating interesting characters to fit into the team’s narratives.

For example: Cage specifically referred to Detroit: Become Human’s Clancy Brown (Hank) and Bryan Dechart (Connor) when describing the acting relationships Quantic Dream strives for. Brown provided a recognizable face while Dechart served as a fresh talent that not many were as familiar with, making what Cage calls an “ideal combination.”

OnlySP’s full interview with Cage will go live on Thursday of this week, so keep an eye out on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube. Also, be sure to join the discussion in the community Discord server.

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