Darkwood, the 2017 top-down survival horror game from Acid Wizard Studio, is bringing a new perspective to horror on Switch.

The cult hit, which received plaudits for its inventive approach to horror and randomly-generated level design, keeps players invested with a day-night gameplay cycle.

Darkwood‘s central gameplay loop revolves around making preparations and scavenging in the day in anticipation for the horrors that come at night. As the nights draw on, the boundaries between reality and imagination become increasingly blurred, with the studio serving up some utterly nightmarish scenarios.

As part of its random generation, Darkwood has unique story encounters with a diverse array of NPCs. These interactions are not merely cosmetic but involve player choice.

To top this interplay between psychological horror and rogue-like generation is a soundtrack and art direction that gives Silent Hill a run for its money.

The studio announced that Darkwood would be drifting onto the Nintendo eShop this May.

Be sure to re-visit Darkwood‘s official release trailer below and follow OnlySP on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube for all the best in single-player gaming.


Ben Newman

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