Rejoice, Darksiders fans! We’ve got a glut of new Darksiders II info for you, so grab your chaos eater and chow down!

Firstly, we get details on Nightmare Mode, a brand new difficulty setting that truly lives up to its name. You have the option of selecting it from the beginning of the game, and having it on means that once you die, it’s a permanent game over. No checkpoints, respawns, or anything like that. New Game + will also be available, allowing you to carry your stats and gear over to another playthrough.

A new addition is that of possessed weapons. By ‘feeding’ certain items to these weapons, you can increase their experience. They essentially level up, allowing you to choose their stats and even name them. I can’t wait to call my sword Lester Bartholomew the Third.

Items in the game can apparently be traded to other players via altars. More details on these will be coming soon.

The game will utilize a fast travel system, allowing you to quickly warp to any location you’ve already visited. Puzzles will be a large part of the experience once again, and they will reportedly be just as taxing as those in the first game.

Combat is being tightened up for Darksiders II to make it more varied. Each secondary weapon will have a certain ‘special move’ (a secondary weapon within a secondary weapon? GAH!), and Death’s scythe has a lot more combat maneuvers thanks to a revamped ‘delay system’ that allows your scythe to continuously chain attacks and gain greater reach. Good for back-scratching, I presume.

The game will have Legendary Loot, which instills unique attributes to that specific weapon.

Finally, the game will be coming on one disc for all platforms, and screen-tearing is non-existent so far according to testers.

We’ll have more Darksiders II info for you in the near future, assuming an apocalypse doesn’t happen in the meantime. If it does, let’s hope the four horsemen are good journalists. Darksiders II releases on August 14th for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.



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