Shiro Games has announced an Early Access release date and shared a new trailer for its zombie-survival, hack and slash action game Darksburg.

The developer announced that the game will launch in Early Access on February 12, 2020. The studio confirmed that Early Access will allow it to fine-tune gameplay features, listen to its community’s desires, and develop environmental development perks so players can enjoy “bash[ing] zombie brains in”.

The launch trailer (embedded below) showcases all four of the playable survivor classes and reveals a brief look at their skills and strengths in battle. Gameplay boasts an isometric camera angle and a range of fast-paced melee and magic attacks similar to Diablo III.

According to the game’s Steam page, the gameplay offers super fast and eccentric combat against the infected enemies. The game is set in a quaint, medieval dark-fantasy town called ‘Darksburg’, in the Dreadmire county, that was infiltrated, infested, and overrun with infected.

Players can play as one of four survivors, each with unique survivor abilities, items, and unlockable skills. The misfit alliance includes a Nun, Gourmet, Bounty Hunter (and her chipmunk), and a Wolfman. The objective is to complete quests whilst exploring the infested town without succumbing to the bombardment of ferocious zombie folk.

Menwhile, Darksburg also features tough, undead enemies called the Revenants who used to live in the town of ‘Darksburg’ before they all became infected. The Revenants will pose challenges to players using “every underhanded technique” and the studio claimed these dirty zombies have harnessed unique powers since the infection.

Shiro Games described the town as showcasing Gothic building designs, vibrant history, and rustic nature. However, it admitted that the tourism has declined, indicating that this may be because “some cool buildings and scenic views don’t make up for the townsfolk’s occasional tendency of trying to eat your brains…”

Darksburg is set to release on PC via Steam Early Access on February 12, 2020, with a time-limited 15% discount.

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