Red Hook Studios, the developer behind Darkest Dungeon, the critically acclaimed turn-based RPG which took the industry by storm at the beginning of the year, has just announced its first DLC.

Entitled “The Crimson Court”, Red Hook has offered precious little information save for a ghastly image of what appear to be vampires and the tagline “The Blood! I must have the Blood!”

With an array of monsters already present in the game, the addition of vampires would fit the Gothic aesthetic and provide even more challenges to the adventurers as players grapple with the game’s difficult, but ultimately rewarding, experience.

With the game just arriving on the PS4/Vita last month, and an early 2017 release slated for the DLC, Red Hook shows no sign of slowing down with the well-loved, if not also frustrating, title.

In the meantime, check out our review or one of our editorials while you wait.

Source: Official Website

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