Dark Souls, while a fantastic game, did suffer from a particularly not-great PC port. Nothing was inherently broken, but the resolution had to be upscaled to 1080p and frame rate was locked at 30fps, leading many PC fans to consider it a bad port.

Great news for Dark Souls PC fans awaiting the sequel, though. A number of foreign language sites are reporting that Dark Souls 2 is being developed on an entirely new engine with PC as the lead platform. As a result, Dark Souls 2 will allegedly run at 60fps on PC. The gameplay footage that was released the other day was also running on PC, and it looked fantastic, which is very promising.

It’s not just good news for PC players. For console owners, Dark Souls 2 will run at a steady 30fps with no drops, FromSoftware are claiming. If this eventuates, and it just might with the new engine, then there will be no repeats of Blighttown’s atrocious frame rate issues.

Thanks NeoGAF, Gamekult, Vandal, and 3Djuegos.

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  1. hrm ;/ im worried this is the first time FROm has developed a title with PC as the lead….hope the console versions don’t get problems because of this.

    1. PC as lead platform very rarely results in a bad console experience. It’s a lot easier to tweak PC code for consoles than it is to do so in reverse. So I’m quite happy that it will not suffer.

    2. do you not realise all games are developed on pc’s in the first place? if anything it would mean the console version should be very solid

  2. and next gen consoles? no 60 fps?


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