Indie hit Spelunky will be getting a new “daily challenge” game mode when it launches on Steam August 8th according to the game’s official website. The rules for the new feature are fairly simple, every 24 hours a randomly generated level will become playable and is the same for everyone. However the catch is that you can only attempt each challenge once, if you die you’ll have to wait until the next day and try the next one. Developer Mossmouth also stated that the game mode would feature a leaderboard for each level.

Spelunky Rules

If you can’t wait until the launch of the game to see how the the daily challenges will work Mossmouth also said that two indie developers, Douglas Wilson and Zach Gage, will be streaming the new mode for a week starting on Sunday July 28th, along with 5 YouTube let’s players.

Source: Spelunky World (Via Polygon)

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