Released in 2015 for PC, the 2D sidescroller DEX is coming to Playstation 4, Xbox One and Playstation Vita this year after its successful launch through Steam.

With heavy role-playing elements, the cyberpunk adventure from Dreadlocks Studio follows the story of the titular Dex, an AI in search for ‘Singularity’ which will finally allow artificial intelligence to surpass human intelligence. The game will include various endings depending on your choices and will allow for various character builds including an assassin, a skilled hacker or all-guns-blazing fighter.

Check out the trailer for the PC version here:

In the trailer we catch a glimpse of Raycast, a mysterious activist who aids you in your quest. Dex also utilizes the help of two other friends in the form of Tony, who acts as the light-hearted companion and Decker, the main lookout for Dex and her safety.

Set inside the fictional Harbor Prime, there are plenty of characters to interact with and help shape their future as well as exposing corporate secrets and disbanding dangerous gangs.

DEX will include hand-drawn characters, all fully voiced with arcade-style combat and an original concept on cyberspace inspired by works from cyberpunk legends such as William Gibson.

There are some screenshots below to feast your eyes on, with DEX releasing in Q1 of 2016 on Playstation 4 and Xbox One, with a Vita version arriving later in the year.

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