Project Downfall

Connoisseurs of testosterone-fueled action movie sequences should get a kick out of Project Downfall, a cyberpunk shooter now on Steam Early Access.

Developed by independent Poland-based MGP Studios, Project Downfall debuted yesterday on Steam Early Access. The game’s visuals and gameplay as shown in screenshots and the trailer below appear to be a love letter to the pixelated and shiny mess that was ’80s and ’90s action-adventure/shooters.

Storyline-wise, players are billed as an unnamed, middle-class, average Joe: good job, girlfriend, house. However, globally, tensions are higher than they’ve ever been before, and governments around the game world have turned to drugs to increase worker “efficiency.”

Our hero does his job well in the daytime, but, at night, he pops various pills to help him on his vigilante sweeps using every weapon at his disposal—or at least he thinks so.

The game revolves around main and side missions leading to multiple possible endings, all as part of an open-world hub that has yet to be included in the current Early Access version.

Gameplay-wise, Project Downfall is toted as a reflex-based action-adventure shooter. Player success will require use of cover and the right pills at the right time in the right situation.

Melee with swords and pipes, a massive inventory of guns, and even high-flying kicks are just some of the ways MGP Studios says players can dispatch of foes. The combo system relies on the pills the player takes, allowing them to slow down time in a special Focus mode.

Lastly, the in-game music/soundtrack is said to adapt to what actions players take as the action unfolds.

Project Downfall is now available on Steam Early Access with a week-long 30% discount off the regular USD$15.99/EUR€12.99. Console versions for the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One are also in the works, but are currently without either price point or  release date/window information.

What do you think of Project Downfall and its self-ascribed trippiness? Let us know in the comments below!

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