Mechanical Head Studios, the developer of the upcoming side-scrolling platform game Cyber Shadow, originally did not want to work with publisher Yacht Club Games.

In an interview with Nintendo Everything, Yacht Club Games pixel artist and animator Sandy Gordon spoke about the team’s partnership with Mechanical Head on Cyber Shadow and what getting the solo-developer behind the game to work with Yacht Club Games took.

Aarne “MekaSkull” Hunziker, the lone developer behind Mechanical Head Studios, initially did not wish to partner with Yacht Club Games, wanting to avoid a company taking all post-launch revenues for his several years of development progress.

Cyber Shadow is a game that Yacht Club has been following since the titles early inceptions and subsequently liked enough that the team did not take the initial no as a final answer. After a few more attempts asking to help and explaining that the team wants to take some of the heavier aspects off the shoulders of Hunziker such as publishing, marketing, and quality assurance testing, he agreed.

Due to Hunziker’s strong understanding of Nintendo Entertainment System aesthetics and gameplay, Yacht Club Games was drawn in to help, especially because of the team’s own franchise that follows the same aesthetic, Shovel Knight.

Yacht Club Games and Mechanical Head Studios now have a strong partnership, sharing information and helping on level design. As a result, Yacht Club Games is looking to partner on more projects in the future.

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