Cyber Knights: Flashpoint

Developer Trese Brothers’ cyberpunk, turn-based RPG Cyber Knights: Flashpoint has hit the Kickstarter funding goal in 12 hours.

The project launched on February 3 over on Kickstarter, but the studio managed to break its USD$50,000 target goal the next day which only showcases its popularity among fans and backers.

Cyber Knights: Flashpoint features a team of computer specialists, guns-for-hire, and scoundrels and is set in the early 2230s. The studio highlighted that the unique cyberpunk storyline is interwoven to create profound and effective choices for players and players can expect “hundreds of hours of gameplay” and expansive replay value.

According to the game’s Steam page, the dark, dystopian sci-fi world—New Boston Zone—allows players to recruit a team of hired guns, bandits, and hackers. The goal of the game is for players to get into the rise through the ranks of the cybernetic, criminal underworld. Trese Brother also described the group as a “company of shadow mercenaries working for the highest bidder”.

The new hires can be customized with great detail. Other tactical features include forming a customisable safe house that is fully upgradeable with areas to sell weapons and a first-aid room.

In addition, players will need to mobilise the group using stealth tactics and utilise system hacking as well as combative strategies for complex and advanced missions. Each mission is designed to help players generate skills and talents that make up the RPG mechanics, allowing players to develop their characters to suit their preferred playstyle.

Furthermore, Cyber Knights features an immersive narrative design whereby players can learn about the groups’ human back-stories and face narrative-based choices with dramatic, meaningful consequences. The title will explore the evolution of many themes and stories told within the studio’s previous cyberpunk-based game, Cyber Knights RPG.

Cyber Knights: Flashpoint will feature “raycasting and 3D volumes to select targets for game mechanics like gunfire, explosions, and visual detection,” instead of grid-based mechanics. Trese Brothers confirmed that this allowed it to calculate mechanics clearly rather than calculating affected targets using tiles and approximations.

Cyber Knights: Flashpoint‘s narrative design begins with human-induced environmental catastrophe. This future is rich with solar research established from major corporations and enabled with AI technology. However, the research was destroyed and the digital environment of the world has been vastly influenced in privacy and general security by advances in “Quantum computing”.

Trese Brothers has submerged its upcoming game in the cyberpunk genre wholeheartedly. The game adopts the bitter-sweet, philosophical ideology of transhumanism where humans seek to improve themselves with cybernetic technology. However, the world players enter into will revolve around “trading away humanity for an advantage, living fast and dying young, revenge and testing the bonds of friendship and trust.”

The studio also released an extended video recently (embedded below), in which the brothers discuss several aspects of their upcoming game including gameplay, narrative design, turn-based mechanics, and much more.

Cyber Knights: Flashpoint is set for release on PC via Steam in 2021.

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