Little Devil Inside

Developer Neostream has provided an update on its game Little Devil Inside for the first time in almost a year.

Neostream recently posted an update on Kickstarter about the progress of the game. The update showcased a new snow level, which is described as a “more harsh survival environment,” along with some of the core survival mechanics set to be included in the game:

Additionally, the developer noted several changes with the game. Some of the improvements include redesigns to the game’s systems and a finalized core system for crafting.

Neostream provided an update on the state of the studio as well. The studio discussed the hiring of additional employees bringing the number of employees to more than 30. Among these hires is producer Ho Kyo Lim, who previously worked on the Sly Cooper series, to has been brought on board to lead the development team.

Despite these movements, the team remains unable to provide a release date on the game, though did note that it will be looking at business discussion “a few months down the track.” More positively, the update ends by promising more frequent updates going forward.

For more information about Little Devil Inside, check out our feature story by Nick Calandra detailing details about the game and the studio.

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Dimitric Edwards
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