While their competitor’s unleashed upgraded engines and new pricing, structures, CRYENGINE developer Crytek had no significant announcements to make for GDC 2015. What they did have were two impressive trailers showcasing the capabilities of their development engine, in both a tech showcase trailer, as well as a licensee trailer which featured footage from some of the top products from companies currently working under their EaaS (Engine as a Service) subscription-based pricing model.

The showcase trailer displays many of the engine’s features: physically based renders, image based lighting, screen space directional occlusion, real-time local reflections, and many more of the implementations that make the CRYENGINE so top-notch from a visual standpoint. The feature go beyond graphics as well. Have a look:

The licensee trailer is equally impressive, as we get to see just what developers are doing with the engine. Check it out below; you’ll see samples from Civilization Online, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Evolve, King of Wushu, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and many others.

We have three quality engines now widely available to developers from indie to AAA. Can’t wait to see what people do with them and all of the advanced features the now possess.

James Schumacher
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  1. Hope they release tech demo files. Pre-rendered videos (yes I consider videos to be pre-rendered) aren’t nearly as impressive as running the engine on your own machine…

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