Marvel's Avengers

Crystal Dynamics has revealed new details regarding Marvel’s Avengers hero builds, skill trees, and Advanced Idea Mechanics comic book influence.

In an interview with PlayStation Blog, Crystal Dynamic’s studio creative director, Noah Hughes, discussed a wide array of gameplay mechanics, hero gear, and influences for the upcoming game.

Hughes highlighted that finding and customizing hero gear will be pivotal to players’ builds. Equipping customizable gear with different stats and perks will allow players to tailor character designs and builds to suit their individual playstyle.

“We have a vast amount of Gear unique to each Super Hero in Marvel’s Avengers, each with its own rarity, stats, and Perks to unlock. When we say ‘play your way,’ we mean it,” said Hughes. “Players can dive deep into min-maxing their hero build through Skills and Gear. Players can switch out Gear and choose which pieces suit individual playstyles as new, better Gear is discovered or earned, allowing them to further tune their playstyle.”

For Gear—the real powers are found by unlocking their innate Perks. Perks are unique modifiers tied to Gear that augment or enhance how each Super Hero plays—examples of Perks are the ability to unleash an AoE burst upon taking damage or faster recharging Heroics. In addition, Branded Gear Sets, which enable more custom builds with stat bonuses, are present in the game.

Hughes further explained that as players level up, they can purchase new abilities via skill trees. Most will focus on upgrading attack power, but players will also be making choices between different build types.

“One player might play Thor as an AoE damage-dealer, controlling the crowd, but an ally could build him up primarily focused on melee tactics. It is critical that we deliver the true feeling of being each unique Super Hero.”

Hughes also provided further detail regarding Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM), the shady technologically-advanced villainous organization. He explained that Crystal Dynamics drew inspiration from over 80 years of comic books, relying on canon to deliver a true Marvel experience.

“Having 80 years of history to draw from, we’ve recreated classic AIM characters from the comic books through the Crystal Dynamics lens, such as the Keeper (our version of the iconic AIM Beekeeper), our version of the Synthoid, or the all-new Monotronic Exo; this is how AIM stands toe-to-toe as humans versus Super Heroes.”

Within the story narrative, AIM has risen from the ashes of ‘A-Day,’ when many people were affected by the Terrigen mist from the reactor explosion. Therefore, AIM has mobilized an AI military force to protect humanity against super-powered heroes, claiming they are researching a cure for those affected by A-Day.

“A growing public sentiment is shaped that Super Heroes are dangerous and if left unchecked, they could wreak more havoc than good.” He continued, “AIM wants to define mankind’s future with reason, with logic. They believe in science, not Super Heroes, and that this devout purity to science will make the world a safer, stronger place; which also means Super Heroes can’t be left to roam freely.”

Marvel’s Avengers is due to launch on May 15, 2020, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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