Corner Wolves

Brass Lion Entertainment’s co-founder, Manveer Heir, has outlined that Corner Wolves is a time-period fantasy inspired by real-world issues.

In an exclusive interview with OnlySP, Heir explained that the game’s narrative design will be set in a time period familiar to his upbringing.

“I’ve always loved period pieces and historic settings, and so to me, it’s natural to choose a time period that I grew up in and a narrative that resembles things I’ve seen and heard my entire life,” said Heir.

He further explained that Brass Lion did not want to adopt an archetypal fantasy world because those games generally avoid exploring real-world issues:

I am just tired of everything being fantasy or sci-fi only and us being unable to talk about the real problems that currently exist in our world. We never consider other types of games that could be made in realistic settings.

Corner Wolves follows the story of Jacinte, an Afro-Latina teenager tracking down her father’s killer in ’90s Harlem. The game explores the relationship between gang culture and the war on drugs.

OnlySP’s full interview with Manveer Heir will be available in the coming days.

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  1. I wonder if the killer was driving a green Sabre.

    The screenshot makes me hope this will be an open-world game… time will tell!

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