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Control‘s setting, an inter-dimensional skyscraper in New York City, once again takes center stage in the game’s newest trailer.

The project is developed by Remedy Entertainment, which appears to be drawing inspiration from an array of its previous games. In terms of aesthetic and narrative themes, the game looks to bridge the gap between Alan Wake and Quantum Break.

So far, the most interesting aspect of the title has been its setting, the headquarters of the fictional Federal Bureau of Control, colloquially named The Oldest House.

While the developer has shared a fair amount about the game’s setting, the Lynchian nightmare of The Oldest House is still shrouded in mystery. The newest trailer features dialogue from the head of the Federal Bureau of Control, who is musing on The Oldest House’s place in the universe.

Some details are revealed, mostly regarding the inter-dimensional rifts, known as “thresholds” that infiltrate Control‘s world, which stimulate the “connection between our minds and the unknown.”

Control is set to release in 2019. For more on the Brutalist romp, check out the trailer below, and be sure to follow OnlySP on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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