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Remedy Entertainment, the developer of the upcoming sci-fi game Control, has opened up on the title’s story nuances in the first of a series of video developer diaries.

The studio began by discussing its reputation for strong characterisation and plot, which led to its decision to change focus for Control. Sam Lake, the creative director at Remedy, stated that for this project, the focus will be on “introducing the world” as opposed to the usual reliance on characters and linear story.

Divulging more on the inspirations behind Control‘s sci-fi world, narrative lead Anna Megill stated that the title borrows from “the new weird” literary movement. The new weird adapts classical tropes from horror and science fiction into fresh, modern stories. By following this format, Control is expected to dip into several different genres, with a focus on the uncanny.

Instead of creating the world around the story, Remedy made the conscious effort to do the opposite and fully develop the world first. As a result, the main character, Jesse, is framed as “an outsider” to help “bring players [into the world].”

The developer, especially Lake, made repeated references to the game being an introduction, which may mean Control is the first of a series. Further details can be found in the developer diary, embedded below:

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