Remedy Entertainment has revealed the timeframes for Control‘s new game mode and two expansions in its DLC roadmap.

In a community blog post, Remedy provided details on what to expect for new content and updates for its newest game, including a Photo Mode and the two paid expansions.

The Photo Mode will arrive later this year and will allow players to take pictures of Jesse Faden in the Oldest House. The new game mode, ‘Expeditions’ sees Jesse teaming up with Security Chief Arish to explore the Formation. Remedy says that players will need the best gear and abilities in Control to conquer the challenge. ‘Expeditions’ will be free for everyone and will release in December 2019.

Alan Wake is Seemingly Crossing Over with Control in New DLC Arriving Next Year

In 2020, Remedy will offer two paid expansions called ‘The Foundation’ and ‘AWE’. Both expansions will have new story missions, enemies, locations, and game mechanics.

In ‘The Foundation’, Jesse goes deeper into the Oldest House and goes beneath the Federal Bureau of Control to restore order.

‘AWE’ will have Jesse explore the Investigations Sector of the Bureau, which examines Altered World Events. Furthermore, the top half of the logo for ‘AWE’ integrates the cover art of Alan Wake within, suggesting a crossover with Remedy’s ealier game.

Remedy previously discussed how Control‘s DLC would not be exclusive for PlayStation 4 for long.

OnlySP also spoke with Control’s narrative designer, Brooke Maggs, at PAX West 2019. Maggs provided an in-depth view of the narrative design process, and expressed her delight with a female protagonist, saying “it was about time.”

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