Remedy Entertainment has opened up about the level design philosophy set to be explored in its upcoming, self-published action-adventure game Control.

The latest development diary for the title begins by explaining the fictional location of the game, which takes place in a sealed off, featureless building in Manhattan named The Oldest House. The building is under the ownership of a secretive government agency known as the Federal Bureau of Control. Within the confines of this building, an endless array of dimension-defying experiments take place.

Similarly to the TARDIS from Doctor Who, the building transcends normal laws of physics. The setting, inspired by the brutalist architecture of Washington D.C., is larger on the inside than the outside.

The building’s physics-defying lore allows for an infinite array of design possibilities. Control appears to be dealing in contrasts, embedding itself in the claustrophobia of government architecture as well as endless discussions of the unexplained.

While interesting from an art design perspective, this ethos will also impact gameplay greatly. Describing the building as “a world within a location,” Narrative Lead Anna Megill stated that “players would be able to explore [a world] full of ever-changing ideas.” Exploration, then, will be key to player understanding of The Oldest House.

Much like Remedy’s previous work on Alan Wake, Control seeks to thrive in discussions of the uncanny. The game was officially unveiled during E3 earlier this year, where the developer also revealed that it is spawned, in part, from ideas not considered suitable for Quantum Break.

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