One of the key staff behind this year’s Control has said that the PlayStation 5’s solid-state drive will allow teams to build “more detailed worlds.”

In an interview in the latest edition of PlayStation Official Magazine, Remedy Entertainment’s lead programmer and technical director Sean Donnelly explained the SSD will lift limitations of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

“For something like Control, that could translate to an even deeper destruction system; richer, more detailed worlds; and simple quality-of-life improvements like instant reloading after dying,” he said.

Additionally, technical director Mika Vehkala added that the SSD will also enable Remedy to “have much more detail in game worlds than before.”

Vehkala explained that the SSD will translate to games requiring smaller install sizes because, “there is no need to duplicate data to compensate for slow seek times that optical drives and HDDs have.”

Earlier this year Sony released footage showcasing the PlayStation 5’s fast loading times with Marvel’s Spider-Man, but OnlySP’s Daniel Pereira felt that the specifications may not be entirely necessary for the console.

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Steve Carman
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