As part of the beginning of the pre-order campaign for the supernatural thriller Control, Remedy has revealed that the game’s two expansion packs will have timed exclusivity on the PlayStation 4.

The revelation comes via the company’s official pre-order FAQ for the project, which states that “Expansions will be available for purchase for Xbox One and PC users at a later date.”

The two expansions are called ‘The Foundation’ and ‘Awe’. Neither has received any firm content details, though the available images depict a sparse, brutalist urban environment and a Rorschach-esque abstraction for the first and second pack respectively.

As might be expected from the billing of “expansions,” each pack will introduce wholly new locations, story content, and side missions, as well as mods and weapons.

The announcement of these add-ons at this early stage may raise concerns about cut content, but Remedy has moved to allay such suspicions:

“In the case of Control, there is content we discussed early on but didn’t get to explore that we’re now planning to include within the Expansions, the content is not anything that has been specifically cut from the game to hold for later.”

This statement is supported by the rough release estimation of late 2019 or early 2020 for the initial release of ‘The Foundation’, likely meaning at least three months from Control‘s August 27 release date. Xbox One and PC users will have to wait even longer.

Despite these what might be termed consumer-unfriendly practices—building on the game’s 12-month exclusivity to the Epic Games Store on PCControl features no microtransations.

The PlayStation 4 version also has a more robust selection of editions (and more content in those editions) than the other platforms, with added bonuses including exclusive PSN avatars, side missions, mods, and outfits.

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Damien Lawardorn
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