Remedy Entertainment, the development team behind Alan Wake and Quantum Break, says that its upcoming game Control will redefine the company.

Speaking to PC Games Insider, the studio’s communications director Thomas Puha said that, while the project will maintain the story-focused style of its predecessors, “we’re going to have the story but in a game that’s a lot more adventurous.”

“Hopefully, this is something we can keep building more in the years to come,” he adds, suggesting that Remedy is dedicated to expanding its approach beyond the traditional, linear single-player adventure.

Later in the interview, Puha says that one of the company’s goals going forward is to  reach the broadest possible audience, which explains both the decision to take its newest title to PlayStation 4 in addition to its more traditional home of PC and Xbox, as well as to partner with Smilegate on a single-player campaign for the first-person shooter sequel CrossFire 2, the precursor to which has an estimated 650 million registered users.

Though without a first release date, Control is set to launch some time in 2019. More details, including information on the supernatural sci-fi story and the level design, are available in OnlySP’s previous coverage of the title.

The developer also recently announced the Remedy Vanguard initiative, which is a small team within the studio dedicated to working on multiplayer and games-as-a-service-focused projects.

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Damien Lawardorn
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