Consortium: The Tower’s Kickstarter campaign may have failed, but the developers at IDGi aren’t giving up just yet.

IDGi will be taking the game to the FIG platform to continue their funding campaign for Consortium: The Tower. The Kickstarter campaign for the game fell quite a bit short of their initial funding goal, so we’ll have to see if IDGi’s fortunes turn in their next attempt.

If you’ve never heard about Consortium: The Tower, here’s the synopsis:

CONSORTIUM: The Tower is a single-player, first person science fiction simulation game created using the Unreal 4 Engine, and is set almost entirely within the hyper-futuristic Churchill Tower, an immense skyscraper in the heart of London, England. The Tower begins on December 21st, 2042 within an alternate dimension on the brink of world peace. The Tower incorporates all of the core mechanics, interface systems, gear and dynamic fourth wall shattering concepts for an all new scope. What should have been a straightforward mission to rescue civilian hostages from terrorists turns into a global debacle involving a deeply rooted conspiracy where Consortium Officer Bishop Six will be forced to question his allegiances and the morality of meddling across the bounds of existence. Acting as Bishop Six, players can choose to fight, sneak, explore or talk their way through an interactive story driven by their own actions and decisions.  

“We are excited about CONSORTIUM: The Tower being chosen for the Fig platform,” said Gregory MacMartin, CEO of Interdimensional Games.  “The Tower is our dream project with almost a decade of planning and R&D behind it, including our first game CONSORTIUM. The folks at Fig have recognized this, and by transitioning our campaign onto their platform Fig Publishing will be able to invite investors to join in realizing our project and participating in its potential success in the market.”

We conducted a huge feature interview with the developers of The Tower last year, you can read all about the game by following the link if you’re interested. Or, you can check out the most recent trailer for The Tower just below.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on Consortium’s FIG campaign, so don’t forget to stay tuned to OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter for further updates.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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