Concrete Genie - Story Trailer _ PS4 2-32 screenshot

Pixelopus has revealed that its upcoming title Concrete Genie will include two PlayStation VR modes in addition to the core game.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, creative director Dom Robilliard stated that the game includes two PlayStation VR modes: a third-person mode as seen in the gameplay videos, as well as a first-person mode.

Robilliard stated that the studio always felt that the game was a great fit for a first-person experience. “When we showed the game to some old friends […] they came up with an incredible idea for how to take it to a whole new level in PS VR.”

Robilliard stated that more information about the two modes will be revealed soon.

The developer also recently released the story trailer for Concrete Genie during PlayStation’s State of Play presentation. The trailer reveals a deeper glimpse into protagonist Ash’s story. Check out the trailer below.

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