Concrete Genie

During PlayStation’s E3 livestream today, PixelOpus took to the stage to reveal more details about its upcoming painting game, Concrete Genie.

One of the key talking points of the demonstration were the inspirations that have shaped the title. While the 2D world that players create draws from traditional illustration—and particularly that of children’s books—the 3D playspace takes more from stopmotion animation. In particular, PixelOpus mentioned the way that the environments in such films tend to appear handcrafted, which the team has implemented into Concrete Genie via the asymmetrical design of buildings and other artefacts.

The developers stated that “a number of years” were required to enable the team to achieve its vision—which includes ensuring the game is accessible—with much of the pre-production performed via 2D visual development, rather than 3D planning.

Another central topic of the panel was the painting and monster creation mechanics. PixelOpus confirmed that players will gain access to a variety of brushes as the game progresses, with each having different properties. The team also mentioned that the different brush sets cause changes to the environment that “can be quite dramatic.”

However, the environmental painting is only half of Concrete Genie because, as the title implies, players will spend a portion of their time crafting monsters in paint. Therefore, similarly to the brushes, the world will be scattered with pages from the protagonist’s notepad, collection of which will provide access to additional body parts and attachments that determine the personality of the creatures. Additionally, different colours will imbue the monsters with different abilities, with red creatures being able to use fire, for example.

While the monsters are able to traverse the buildings of the world at will, they will be locked to particular areas, meaning that players can go periods without seeing them. PixelOpus also mentioned that the creatures “are happy when you turn up” after having been absent for a time.

Concrete Genie has no release date at present, though it will be available exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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