Deep Silver’s Conan Exiles, the open-world survival game set in Robert E. Howard’s iconic barbarian universe, has a new trailer that reveals more details regarding the title’s harsh landscapes and player progression.

The trailer goes in-depth on the challenges that face players at the start of the game, which is set entirely in a ruin-riddled desert complete with natural predators, deadly weather, and scant resources. Here, the player’s goal will be to gain experience and better equipment before moving onto the swamp biome where crafting, settlement building, and the project’s religion system really takes off.

In the swam, which is newly revealed, players will have more room to construct impressive settlements and swear allegiance to particular religions that each has unique benefits and drawbacks. Each religion comes with its own fantastical avatar, which can aid or attack players in combat.

A little more of the crafting system is also detailed, which centres around players recruiting or abducting craftsmen for their settlements, making them their slaves in the process. For players with green thumbs, an important part of the game is cultivating land for resources and food as well.

Some more details, along with further information on the project’s dungeon, siege system, and environments, can be found in the trailer embedded below:

Conan Exiles has a large focus on multiplayer, but the developer has made assurances that the title can be fully enjoyed as a single-player experience. The game is forecast for a May 8 release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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