Company of Heroes 2

This weekend, PC players with an active Steam account can download Company of Heroes 2, completely free. Once added to a player’s library, the game is theirs to keep forever — but act quickly, as the giveaway is only running over the weekend. 

Company of Heroes 2 is a real-time strategy game set during the Second World War and focussing on the battles of the Eastern Front. Taking control of Soviet forces, players will take part in key battles of the war in Russia, from the defence of the Motherland during Operation Barbarossa, to the fight for Germany in the Battle of Berlin. 

Relic Entertainment received a lot of backlash over the historical inaccuracies portrayed in the game, so much so that Company of Heroes 2 is no longer on sale in Russia. However, the game is currently up for grabs for nothing and if players can look past the poor historical representations, they will find a fun, tactical and well polished battle-sim to see them through those long winter nights. 

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