EGX 2018 Indie Highlights

Plenty of amazing and creative independent projects were on display this year at EGX 2018, and OnlySP has compiled a short list of some of the best indie titles on the exhibition floor.

3 Minutes to Midnight

Developer Scarecrow Studio created a colourful point-and-click adventure with over 50 quirky characters and a hundred gorgeously painted environments.

Each of the locations was hand painted in 8K by the same artist who worked on Revolution Games’s Broken Sword. Varying from vast deserts to bustling town streets, the game features plenty of unique sites to explore, all with distinctive characters and puzzles.

Players follow the adventures of amnesia sufferer Betty Anderson and Mayor Eliza Barrett as they uncover a mysterious doomsday plot threatening to wipe out the human race. Inspired by classic LucasArts games, 3 Minutes to Midnight will feature a comedy-infused story that explores darker elements as Betty and Eliza face off against creepy townsfolk, mobsters, and even the military.

The demo available at EGX took place part way through the story at a camp site called Crystaline Lake. As the name of the camp suggests, the game is full of hidden Easter eggs and allusions to spooky pop culture for players to discover. To avoid main story spoilers, the demo actually took place during a side mission, suggesting that other optional puzzles will be present for players to solve.

3 Minutes to Midnight follows the classic formula of investigating objects, combining seemingly random components, and questioning NPCs to uncover clues. The incredible 8K artwork also allows players to inspect items and characters close up without losing any of quality during puzzles.

The project is set to be released in mid-2019 for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game will also have unique rewards set in place for backers on Kickstarter.

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath

Originally released on the Xbox in 2005, Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath was a huge hit with fans despite being vastly different from the other Oddworld games.

In 2010, the strange shooter received a HD remake for PC and PlayStation 3, with a Wii U port supposedly in the works. Eight years later, the team at Oddworld Incorporated has decided to create a new HD version of the game for the Nintendo Switch. What makes the port more impressive than a simple HD remake is the team’s ambition to incorporate the Switch’s motion controls into the titles aiming mechanics. Sadly, these controls were not available during the EGX demo as the current build is still extremely early in development.

As it stands, the pre-alpha demo was conducted to see if the game would run on the handheld console. The development for the Switch port began around April/May of 2018 and, despite being only five weeks in main production, the game looks fairly impressive for the most part. The main issues with the project at the moment is the menu system and occasional tutorial video, which are both directly ported from the Xbox version of the game, causing a rather jarring drop in quality; however the content from the previous build will later be taken out and replaced with an improved menu system.

Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch port has no release date, but the team is working hard for a “sooner, rather than later” reveal. Oddworld Incorporated has stated that the game will not cost the same as a full triple-A title, but the exact price is still yet to be determined.

Genesis Alpha One

Fresh from the creative minds at Radiation Blue and publishers Team17, Genesis Alpha One is a sci-fi adventure that blends shipbuilding with first-person action.

Set in the near future, Genesis Alpha One follows the journey of a Genesis starship crew sent out to find a new home for humanity’s DNA. Players will be able to fully customise and create their own starship complete with crew quarters, defences, life support systems, and various ecological chambers that make up the game’s complex ecosystem. Seemingly unlimited additions can be made to the ship, essentially creating a flying fortress providing the player gathers enough resources. Such a large vessel will need staff, however, which is where Genesis Alpha One stands out from the crowd. Players will need to create cloning facilities on board their ships in order to create the necessary power to run the expanding craft.

There are a variety of planets ready for the crew to explore in order to collect resources. Players can even uncover alien species and harvest their DNA to splice with the clones to create interesting and strange new additions to the crew. These new humanoid hybrids will come with unique abilities and affinities that will assist in upgrading and maintaining the ship. Not all alien encounters will be profitable, as plenty of hostile creatures are waiting to demolish any unprepared spacecraft.

Should one of the crew member’s particular abilities become desirable, they too can be cloned. Cloning the right members will be key as the clones also act as the player’s lives. If the captain should perish due to the perils of outer space, a new clone will be selected to take their place; destroying all clones results in a currently unrevealed scenario

The game is set for release in 2019 for PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

Small Talk

Small Talk is an odd yet creative walking simulator by indie developers Pale Room, filled with colourful and bizarre characters.

The doomsday clock is ticking and the end of the world is slowly approaching; what better way to wait out the inevitable than by having a party and trying not to think about it. Once entering the party, the player character will be asked to avoid talking about the world ending, but still try to mingle with the other guests. During the story, the player will come in contact with various uniquely hand-drawn personalities each with their own backstory and views on current events.

Each individual can be approached, with each conversation revealing a different outlook on life and the impending doom. After a few dialogue options, the player can explore an aspect of the NPC’s life by entering their mind and visiting a particular memory. After exploring a character’s memory, the player will be given an item as a trinket that represents the NPC’s fondest moment. With dozens of party-goers available, discovering what will happens once all items have been collected will be interesting. While the gameplay feels very repetitive, the interactions and character designs make for an intriguing experience.

For players wanting a casual yet thought-provoking experience, Small Talk will be coming soon to PC, Mac, and Linux, and is already the winner of several indie gaming awards.

Murder Mystery Machine

Murder Mystery Machine is a rather clever point-and-click detective game that feels like a highly-stylised L.A Noire.

The project is still in the early stages of development but already feels polished with a vibrant art style that brings the settings and environments to life. Players will need to explore every nook and cranny in order to build a case. Several pieces of interest are scattered around the location, and can be inspected or collected in order to be referred to later.

Each case will feature several people of interest, whether they be suspects or witnesses to the crime. Once the player has compiled a sufficient amount of clues, they can begin questioning and interrogating other characters. When questioning NPCs, players are presented with different dialogue options depending on what items or information has been gathered. New information or clues can also be gained by selecting the correct piece of evidence during conversations; be wary, however, as some characters may not always have the player’s best interest in mind and will try to shift blame onto another suspect.

EGX only allowed time for a brief demonstration of the game, but the eye-popping art style and interesting case-building mechanics were enough to secure a spot on this highlight list. Murder Mystery Machine currently has no release date, but an update is coming soon to the official website that will hopefully give followers an insight.

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