Ode to a Moon, Colorfiction

Colorfiction, the experimental one-man studio behind titles such as 0°N 0°W, has released a trailer for its upcoming project Ode to a Moon.

Unlike the genre-defying efforts of its previous releases, Ode to a Moon looks to have a little more narrative focus. The studio is attempting to blend its talents for left-field visuals with horror, along with a more lucid story. The project was officially announced on the studio’s Twitter back in August, but now has a full trailer to enjoy.

Players assume the role of a journalist who is tasked with covering a historic rural fall festival. Whilst covering the town’s festival, the quiet hamlet turns into madness. Instead of the genre’s usual reliance on jump scares, Ode to a Moon will rely on mood and atmosphere (the game will be more Silent Hill than, say, Outlast).

The game will feature narration and voice memos for plot points, as opposed to Colorfiction’s previous reliance on visual cues. Taking inspiration from its previous title Nightline, Colorfiction appears to be finally ready to embrace a little bit of lucidity.

The trailer, embedded below, still has the hypnagogic qualities the studio is known for, albeit with more recognisable architectural features. The cosmic horror will launch sometime in 2019. Before then, be sure to bookmark Ode to a Moon‘s website for updates, and check out OnlySP on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube for the best in single-player.

Ben Newman

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