Code Vein

Namco Bandai’s recently-announced dark fantasy RPG Code Vein is intended to feature a unique art style that is neither anime-based nor realistic.

The revelation comes courtesy of Famitsu Magazine (via Kite Stenbuck), which recently conducted an interview with key development staff from the game. In that interview, the game’s director, Hiroshi Yoshimura, stated that one of the driving forces behind the art style is the desire to blend “Japanese sensibility” with more realistic visual elements so that the game can “also be received by a broader range of Westerners.”

Yoshimura later went on to say that settling on the particular visual style took more than a year of trial-and-error, with input from both concept artists and character modellers to determine the final visuals, a sample of which is visible in the gallery below.

Code Vein is a new project from the team behind the God Eater series. Players will take the role of Revenants, vampire-like beings who live in an isolated segment of a post-apocalyptic world, with the story centring on unravelling the mysteries of that world. Throughout the journey, players will be accompanied by an NPC “Buddy” that is designed to increase the amount of satisfaction players feel on overcoming both environmental puzzles and combat-based obstacles.

The game is being built on Unreal Engine 4, and Namco Bandai is targeting a global release on major consoles in 2018. The developers have not yet clarified the intended platforms, but PlayStation 4 and Xbox One should be expected, with PC and Switch strong options.

Namco Bandai is expected to release a debut promotional trailer for Code Vein some time in May. In the meantime, more details on the game is available through OnlySP’s previous coverage.

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