Rumors have been running amok for the better part of a year now regarding some of the inside developments at Microsoft.

Fans of old school Rare games are incredibly excited by the prospect of some of their favorite franchises returning like Conker and Battletoads. Microsoft has teased the return of Battletoads quite frequently, and fans of the Conker franchise have been getting some teases as well in the form of playable characters in Project Spark.

If the Cloudgine developer Kampfheld on NeoGAF is to be believed, Rare fans have a lot to look forward to this year, and he’s pretty damn confident about it too.

According to Kampfheld on NeoGAF, this year “is the year” that old-school Rare fans will be satisfied with current Rare work. You’ll find his exact quotes just below from the NeoGAF thread. The rumor he mentions is also linked to the beginning of the Reddit thread regarding the recent news about Conker and Microsoft wanting to rush it out the door.

1) if there ever was a chance old-school Rare fans will be satisfied with current Rare-work, this time is this year.
2) that rumor has two legit and one wrong points, which leads me to the impression he just guessed. I don’t know for sure tho. Things can change pretty fast in this industry so I can’t make a final comment on this one.
3) Classic Rare IPs will return. Yes, more than just Killer Instinct.
4) If you guys aren’t somewhat satisfied after E3 …. Kill me with fire.


Sounds pretty darn confident to me, and honestly, with all the little teases Microsoft has been dropping regarding Rare franchises, it’s probably something everyone’s expecting by now. Always nice to have someone on the inside provide some credibility to rumors like this though.

Kampfheld revealed some details regarding the upcoming Crackdown game earlier this year, you can read about that at the link.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on all the latest happenings regarding Rare and the possibility of some of their old-school games being revived for the new-gen. Stay tuned to OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest.


Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. Bring it MS!

  2. Is any one at rare left from the golden age? they can slap the name on it but will it have that magic I doubt it.

    1. Exactly. Who wants the games of old when the team of old left the company over the last 10 years? For gods sake, Microsoft had legendary composer David Wise in their care and DID NOTHING with him. But we all know that people will still cream themselves at the announcement. Even if Activision announced a new Crash Bandicoot tomorrow and its made by the team that made the Risen series (as an extreme example of a terrible developer) people would still go ballistic.

    2. they have a few guys. also not part of rare but working at ms there is the great ken lobb. i believe he is creative director. very well earned

      1. ken lobb great guy but Microsoft are lacking in game studios and bleed talent and have been for over 10 years just look at the list of studios closed Between 2007 and 2009 the company lost or closed four of its development studios: Bungie (became independent again) FASA Interactive (closed) Ensemble Studios (closed) Aces Game Studio (closed) and that’s only 2 years.

        1. Disagree with this. That may have indeed been the case before Phil Spencer rolled in, but since then all he’s been doing is rebuilding and improving on what was there. He’s got a lot of talent on his plate right now for developing games. Just like with Sony though, not much has been announced yet, so I’d wait to hold judgment on the quality of studios.

          1. Phil Spencer as much as I admire his love of video games he is bound by Microsoft’s aims and goals they want cold hard cash and poring money in to setting up new studios after 10 years of closing them is not the financial burden they are looking for

        2. they opened up more studios. plus if you follow phil spencer on twitter he says owning IP is more important than owning studios. i think the strategy right now is to have new ip to make but having other studios make them. not a bad idea, but i do hope they open up more. they certainly have the money.

  3. Rare has new and better developers in their team. Killer Instinct is the best fighting game for this current generation and it is Rare. I’m very confident that the two Rare games that are being developed for this year and 2016 should be very good especially with Phil Spencer and Ken Lobb leadership on Xbox, Microsoft investment also.

    1. Shovel Knight Xbox One version stole the crown in the GDC event with the debut appearance of Battletoads. While the PS4 and WiiU versions were actually ignored…the power of Battletoads baby!

      Project Spark a very underrated game from last year also gave Conker his debut appearance on Xbox One and it was great. If you’ll haven’t played Project Spark you’ll missing an awesome and unique gaming experience.

    2. Killer Instinct on the Xbox was developed by Double Helix Games with input from Ken Lobb and its been almost 8 years since the last good game from Rare came out and that was viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise in my opinion and almost 15 years if you want to go back Rare’s absolute best.

  4. Many real gamers and Rare fans really want to play these legendary franchises. Also if Crash Bandicoot is suddenly announced for release in any platform many will be very excited and willing to cash in. Sony fanboys should just shut their little mouths and let the masses to experience great games and not the Order of 1886.

  5. Kampfheld debunked as Cloudgine or Crackdown dev:

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