A user on NeoGAF that goes by the name of kampfheld, happens to be a verified developer on the Cloudgine engine, which is the tech that will be powering the  cloud based features of the upcoming Crackdown reboot for Xbox One. Today, he revealed a couple pieces of new information regarding Crackdown for Xbox One.

Kampfheld cleared up a common misconception today as he confirmed that Cloudgine is only developing the tech for Crackdown, and future games that use the power of the cloud. The studio developing the actual game will be named in the not too far off future.

The developer also noted that there’s a lot of doubt regarding what can be done with the so called “power of the cloud” and he’s well aware of the challenges Cloudgine is facing, but in his response on NeoGAF, the developers behind Cloudgine seem very confident in what they’re developing.

On another note, the latest installment is known to be heavily supported with the cloud(TM). Yayaya … That stupid cloud talk again ;) I know you can not hear it anymore. What I want to say though is: your local gaming mashine does not have enough calculation power to run our game engine. I think we always communicated it that way and there is no reason not to be honest here. If you want to deliver something that has never been done before in that kind of scale, then you can not make compromises. We totally know that there are huge risks involved. But this is the route we will take. We are super confident here and can’t wait to get out of the dark.

Personally, I can totally understand that there are huge doubts. I’m not an idiot. Too many games did things wrong or communicated something wrong. People want to see what cloud computing can be used to in gaming. So give a chance at least on showing this. I think that would be fair.

It’s up to us to deliver on your bolded sentence. Again – personally – I want to see you playing this game really thinking “holy SHIT why doesn’t my mashine burn already?”. We want to achieve this. And we’re working super hard to get to that point.

Based on Crackdown’s use of the tech that Cloudgine is building, many gamers seem to be wondering if the game will be an online only experience, similar to Destiny or The Division. According to Kampfheld, there will be a single player mode for the game and it will not be a multiplayer only title. Good.

The developer teased that a small tech demo may be coming soon to show off more of Cloudgine’s capabilities, but he couldn’t promise anything. Having said that, the developer said to expect more information this year regarding Cloudgine and Crackdown on Xbox One.

It’ll be very interesting to see how Cloudgine develops and if there will be a large number of people eating crow later this year. If Cloudgine can achieve what they’re working towards, I don’t think gaming will ever be the same.

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Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. This game is going to be on another level. My most anticipated next gen title.

    1. I guess titles will start to go in the direction of The division and Destiny. That’s the future. What’s even more interesting is whether Cloud Computing is going to make that shift most gamers had hoped for in terms of AI and truly impacting narratives. Just waiting for that first game to showcase the power of the Cloud. :D

  2. Oh, this Kampfheld guy again. “Da powwa of da clawd!” Keep trying, Microsoft.

    1. Geee let me guess….you an angry ps4 owner. Pal..ps4 is inferior to xbox one in every way….its a last gen machine. True next gen games will only be found on xbox one.

      1. Oh? Evidence of this seems to be very thin so far. In b4 TV integration or apps or some other crap.

  3. Lord i am happy i have an xbox one-this will be fantastic.

    1. Truly the future!

      1. I think I will wait and see.. So many times I have been told that I will be blown away… only to find out I am more confused about what the fuss is all about.. (With anything, Not just the cloud)

  4. Heads up: If you make a comment not worthy of discussion it will be removed. Thanks!

    1. If you’re honest you remove the comment with the 17 fake upvotes.

      1. I don’t really care if a comment has a lot of upvotes. As long as the person isn’t being offensive, or trolling etc I’ll leave the comment. If someone wants to be critical or negative about a a subject and can display and actual opinion instead of trolling, I have no issue with it.

        1. Fair enough. It’s just so you know that there’s a looney on the loose and you’ll know what to look for. Good weekend to you!

      2. Nice to see some justice here. Ill be back to this site. Well done. John doe/demfax/extremederp/you are flat out wrong blatantly trolls all xbox one articles everyday spreading his hate. He is delusional and frankly weird in his inesure hate campaign against aginst microsoft.

        1. Oh yes, he’s completely psychotic. It’s clearly visible by the accounts he uses to upvote himself and pro Sony comments.
          But he’s getting owned at every other move he makes.

    2. Very nice…ill be back to this site.

  5. Less talk more more action.

    1. It takes time and a lot of hard work to develop new technology. Cloud implementation of the drivatars in forza horizon 2 and the AI in Titanfall are both extremely impressive in my opinion so the action has already begun.

      1. The cloud is nothing new. The AI in Titanfall is nothing new. Microsoft has been smoke and mirrors.

        1. Smoke and mirrors ? Funny i find forza horizon 2 and titanfall both more enjoyable than anything released on ps4 in 2014. I love cloud tech on xbox one and am very excited about its future.

        2. Bye bye john doe/extremederp/demfax/you are flat out wrong/guest. You are an embarassment to the ps4 community. Your comments are being deleted by the author due to your insanity. I got a name for you…its delusional freak. Your hate for microsoft doesnt make your ps4 better or sony a better company than microsoft. i am extremely pleased with my xbox one and microsoft and look at sony and the ps4 as the inferior of the 2 offerings…but i dont spread hate in articles like you all day everyday. You really need to get some help pal…you have mental issues.

      2. No stuff like that has already been done.Since PS1 days.Drivatars in FH2 are nothing more than what we use to call Ghost drivers which acted on their own.

  6. This is an exciting comment about the cloud tech! But in the end it doesn’t surprise me as I always thought we can reach new levels of AI and physics with cloud computing. People need to stop to downplaying it as bogus. The cloud is real and capable! This article, the Built2014 demo and hopefully a Crackdown E32015 gameplay showcase will show that it is real!

    I am curious to see a whole new level of world interactions and closer to true-to-life world simulation in a game :)

  7. What were the previous games about?

    1. Basically you’re a cop with super human abilities that likes to take out gang members and collect shiny green orbs everywhere. The first game was so much fun. The second, not so much.

      1. Sounds awesome. I didn’t have Xbox 360 when the games came out so I never got to play them. have back catalog to go through before I consider buying them and going through. guessing with mention of the power of the cloud they may make this entry online only or tie specific features that can only be accessed online. either way, I liked the reveal trailer from last E3 and hope we get another glimpse at this year’s E3.

  8. We allready know what it does. The problem is that this can only be used for AI and physics, not graphics. And it restricts you to the internet.

    Also, this kind of tech isn’t new. Games have offloaded processing to the cloud before. The reason why people are calling this bogus is because Microsoft told everyone a big fat fib about it. Offloading a bit of CPU calculations isn’t going to improve graphics. Also, games have to be specifically designed to take advantage of it. It’s not like a game will get a huge performance boost if connected to the internet like Microsoft made it seem.

    If Sony is being sued over using techniques in Killzone, Microsoft should be sued X10.

    1. You really should provide some source links to actual facts regarding what you’ve said there. I’d also wait and see what Cloudgine actually does, before writing it off.

      1. He’s a well known sony fan boy.

      2. I thought you were going to ban people for blatant trolling?
        What he’s clearly doing and upvoting himself with fake accounts at that. Hmmm.

        1. The comment may be ignorant a bit, but it’s still providing some form of discussion. Upvotes I could care less about. How about, instead of worry what other people are saying or doing, we just provide discussion :) I’ll handle the moderation, no worries.

          1. what is up for discussion? MS never said the cloud would improve graphics. In fact they specifically said it wouldn’t

    2. Kinda strange-seems like you have some sort of alterior motives. You know it is very possible that both sony and microsoft can do great things with their respective consoles. Seems to me that having the cloud handle calculations and other computing tasks handled by the cpu, frees up the cpu for game performance enhancements like rendering and frame rates. I am very much looking forward to cloud utilization on xbox one.

    3. We’ll it’s already been used in games.but I guess this is the prototype stage.microsoft said that they can use the cloud for the CPU specific tasks and it’s going to free up resources locally.so that means the xbox is going to be doing the graphics not the cloud.we will just have to wait and see.do your research before you post because there are already demos using this tech that date back a couple years

    4. funny how MS never said that the cloud would improve graphics. that is just the moronic sony fanboys making crap up as usual.

      1. Its called a ‘straw man’ argument. The SDF are great at them

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