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The use of cloud computing to implement intelligent, responsive AI systems capable of understanding a player’s speech and reacting accordingly is something that has the potential to revolutionize VR gaming.

Speaking to, Cloudgine co-founder Dave Jones said he believes game developers should tap into the power of cloud-based computing to create AI systems capable of doing just that. Offering a level of processing ability far above current physical CPUs, cloud-based AI systems could allow developers to step away from comparatively simplistic player-AI interaction methods such as conversation wheels and radial input menus.

“I don’t think it’s because [developers] want to make it very simplistic,” Jones said. “I think it’s just that now, the technology and toolsets don’t allow them to try new things. Some games may want a design like that, but I think a lot of designers find it much more exciting if there was a little opportunity there to explore with AI, which we’re not seeing at present.”

In addition, Jones believes game developers should shed the insular nature of the industry, making use of the research big technology companies undertake and employ in their services. “I look out there and think, if Google and Amazon are spending billions of dollars every year on AI research, that’s a great asset we could potentially tap into, because all those things reside as services in the cloud.”

Dave Jones is co-founder of Cloudgine, a software technology provider focused on bringing advanced AR and VR software platforms to game developers. Headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland, the company holds the ambitious goal of demonstrating that cloud computing can deliver game experiences far beyond what any current or future console or PC can offer. To this end, Cloudgine has been working with Microsoft in the creation of Crackdown 3, set to be released sometime in the spring of 2018. In late 2016, Cloudgine announced a partnership with Oculus Studios, launching ToyBox for the Oculus Rift, and last month unveiled a proof-of-concept multiplayer game entitled They Came From Space.

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