Franchise Director of the popular horror series Clock Tower, Hifumi Kono, has unveiled his newest project titled, Project Scissors, which was announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2014, during their Indie Stream festival.

Creature designer, Masahiro Ito, known for his designs on Silent Hill will be joining the development team, while Nobuko Toda (Metal Gear Solid) will be heading sound design.  Takashi Shimizu, famous for his work on The Grudge, will also be adding his skills to the project. The game is being described as the spiritual successor to the Clock Tower series.

The game is being touted as an adventure horror game that will release on Playstation Vita, mobile phones, and tablets. Brutal murders begin to occur, and the player must solve the mystery, while trying to survive with no escape in sight.

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Tripp Papineau
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  1. I was hoping this would be a PC and console game, but this creator plus Masahiro Ito is tempting. Very very tempting.

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