Climax Studios, the developer who brought you games such as Rocket Knight, Eyepet and Friends and Overlord: Dark Legend, have just posted details and screenshots on their site about two of their upcoming projects, one of which fans of a certain Persian Prince will find especially interesting.

The first title they listed as part of their body of work is one labelled “character action platformer”, and screenshots for it can be seen below.

The aesthetic, a blend of fantasy and Ancient Arabian elements, is undoubtedly reminiscent of the Prince of Persia series, as is the lead character, whose long black hair and white attire are very similar to the Sands of Time era Prince.

If you look closely, you’ll notice that the action-oriented screenshots look as if they’re based in a 2D plane, leaving us to believe that the game will be a sidescroller or perhaps even a 2D/3D gameplay hybrid akin to Sonic Generations.

Lastly, the vibrant style of the visuals is somewhat evocative of the cel-shaded look of the 2008 Prince of Persia reboot. Could that mean this game will be returning to that particular storyline? The more traditional Prince design has us in doubt, but we won’t deny the possibility.

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Then we come to the other title, simply labelled “unannounced title”, the screenshots of which are below.

This one is a horror game by the looks of it, with an oppressively dark atmosphere and rather unsettling imagery. Supposedly, the game will cast players as a young girl within a decrepit and creepy house, though that’s about all we can gather.

Whereas the Prince of Persia title will undoubtedly be published by Ubisoft, it’s unknown who the publisher is for this project. Climax certainly aren’t owned by Ubisoft, having made games for parties like Konami and Sony.

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It’s important to note that Climax is a developer who has been confirmed as working with Playstation 4 tech, meaning one or even both of these games may be in development for the next-gen console. Regardless, the other question remains of whether or not these games will be downloadable titles or full-priced retail products.

Stay tuned for much more coverage of these titles whenever they get a proper reveal.


Michael Urban
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