Undead Labs has released some new info on Class3’s vehicular combat today, and by golly gee it sounds pretty exciting. There are ten basic vehicle types found in the game according to Undead Labs, which range from muscle cars to wooden wagons. The vehicles have different variants of colors and conditions. Conditions meaning the car might be falling apart, or you may find a brand new car just around the corner. Driving the vehicles has more of an arcade feel rather than simulation, so don’t expect a first person camera view in the cars, but according to the lead designer, Foge, the cars have a lot of realistic traits to them. “Each of our vehicles has fairly different setups for acceleration, top speed, handling, grip.” They also vary in handling as well. Some cars have front-wheel, rear wheel or all-wheel drive.

The loudness of the vehicle’s engine you’re driving will also affect how many zombies you attract. A big truck can be heard from much farther away than your average car, so you have to be careful with what you choose. Cars do take damage, so when choosing a car, you’ll need to decide what you are going to use it for. For example, a sports car running into debris or zombies is not going to last long, but if you are gathering supplies and need to get away in a hurry, it’s a good choice. If you were to choose a truck, it can run over debris and zombies with ease, but may not be as fast when trying to escape.

Vehicle combat makes use of the physics engine to take down zombies, which according to Foge, is very fun. When driving a vehicle you can obviously run over zombies, but depending on your speed and point of impact you may or may not kill them. While driving you can also open your door to “clean a zombie’s clock.” When zombies do impact your vehicle, their blood and guts will accumulate on the car and zombies can actually grab a hold of the car at multiple points such as the fender, the doors or even the hood. Fortunately, you can slam the brakes, throwing the zombies off, and then finish the job by running over their dead flesh.

If you wait too long to get rid of the zombies they can begin beating down the car, ripping through the glass and pulling off the doors, eventually pulling you out of the car as well. You’ll want to protect any vehicle you do find though, as they are scarce in the world and are listed as a “finite” resource. As we’ve explained before, homes in the game are basically used for you to set up camp and can be upgraded. Apparently, you can add a parking garage and a repair shop to your base, giving you the ability to store cars and repair them. When leaving an outpost or home base, survivors can come along with you. The survivors cannot drive on their own, but they can travel with you and be of aid. They aren’t any more safe than you are; zombies apparently can even rip them right out of the back of pickup trucks.

One feature that is in question about the game at this point is fuel consumption. The developers are in the “making hard choices stage of development” and that is one thing they are looking at, but as of right now it’s not planned to be included in the game. Hopefully you enjoyed the latest set of details for Class3, and make sure to follow Only Single Player on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with all the latest information.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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