Sanya Weathers has answered some more fan questions about Class3, detailing cars, zombie behavior and survival at night. Take a look at the new details below.

To start off with the vehicles, as we described in our previous post, they are a finite resource in the world and once you destroy or lose all the cars etc, you won’t find them in the areas you normally would. You do start off the game with a vehicle so you won’t have to look too long in the beginning. However, a survivor may give you a hint about where you can find a new vehicle etc. Cars will also need to be repaired depending on what damage is caused. Besides zombies doing damage to the car by clinging onto it and ripping the doors off etc, you can cause damage to the car just by running over glass or rubble, causing a tire to pop. Smashing into walls and other objects doesn’t help much either. If something happens to the vehicle you can continue driving, but you face the risk of the car engine blowing out, leaving you defenseless in a world full of zeds. If you can get the vehicle back to your home/outpost, and you have the right materials and a survivor with knowledge of car repair, the car can be repaired.

For those of you who like to customize things, it’s unfortunate to say that vehicles cannot be customized. You will find variations of vehicles throughout the game world though.

One interesting question that really got Sanya excited was the fact that you can pile up cars to make a barricade at your home base.

Q: Can I have 20 cars piled up at my Home in a barricade or something?

A: Yes, yes you can.

We got a few new details about zombies as well. As expected, zombies are attracted to light and sound, so at night the headlights of your vehicle can be turned off. The more immediate threat though is the sound of a car engine. Once zombies are attracted to the vehicle they will start attacking and do whatever they can to get into the car with you. Zombies who are clinging onto the vehicle will also add considerable weight, slowing the vehicle down. If you turn off the headlights or they get broken, you will have a flashlight to see your way, but if you try to drive at night without headlights, good luck.

It’s not a lot of new details, but since we started following Class3 just a few months ago, this game has quickly turned into the zombie game that we’ve all been waiting for. Hopefully we see some gameplay at PAX this year and get an actual title for the game.

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