We’ve been following Class3 for a while now, doing our best to cover any details we can find on the game. Today, during a site focused Q&A session on the official website for Class3, Sanya Weathers answered some questions asked by the community. But instead of just copy pasting the questions, I figured I’d turn it into a full blown preview for you. So let the details commence.

The zombies in Class3 will be a lot more realistic than gamers are used to. The only way to kill a zombie in the game is to literally destroy its brain. This can be done by shooting it, chopping it off or even beating the zombie senseless till it’s brains pop out. Dismemberment plays a large role in the game as well. Limbs can be shot off and holes can be blown in their guts. The zombies are more sensitive at night to sounds and light and travel in hordes. According to the development team, “you’ll be in bigger doo-doo when you encounter a nocturnal zombie — because where there’s one there’s a whole lot more.”

As we found out in the interview, building a home base is one of the most important aspects of the game. The survivors you meet in the world essentially become the society that you live in. By claiming a home or an outpost that you have cleared out, the zombies spawn radius will be increased around the building, but they won’t be gone forever. They will still spawn outside the claimed areas and will investigate the areas.

One question that was asked, asked about whether or not survivors will always be in the world, or if they all die are they gone forever. The development team stated that there will always be survivors, but if they continuously die, you will have a much more difficult time keeping the areas you claim “thriving and growing”. The survivors you do find though will not instantly trust you, and while there’s no “bandits” in the world, you will still have to gain their trust. To gain their trust you’ll be tasked with different types of tasks, such as helping them out, trading with them etc. Once you gain their trust, survivors can then be assigned to defend homes and outposts. After that, it’s basically up to the survivor if they decide to defend or run from the home/outpost, depending on the situation (number of zombies, where you are, what you’ve done in the past, their own inherent preference, and more).

While other human AI in the game won’t try to kill you, they are still “human” in the sense that they won’t always like you, they may tell you to just get away from them and some might even come into your home with bad attitudes and cause disdain for your community, which will lead to “nasty” consequences. Signing out of the game dosen’t mean the experience is over either. While your home and outposts will be safe, your character, if injured during your last playthrough will be healed up, considering you left the game alone for more than just 5 minutes.

The most interesting part about this game to me so far is the community aspect. You will have to feed and supply your communities. If you don’t, they’ll trust you less and eventually abandon you. If food can’t be safely grown in the base, you will have to go out and search for it. Psychological and moral needs play a role in the community as well. The happier they are, the harder they work. If they’re unhappy they won’t work as hard etc.

Class3 has no release date yet, but we will continue to cover the game extensively until its release. Make sure to follow Only Single Player for all the latest information on Class3, and stay tuned for a live interview coming up with our podcast team over at Velocity Gamer.


Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. This game is sounding better and better every time I hear about it. I&#039m definitely looking forward to getting a release date.

  2. This game is sounding better and better every time I hear about it. I'm definitely looking forward to getting a release date.

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