Class3 has received a few details today answering a few more questions from the Class3 community.

One of the users asked about food and its availability in the word. Meaning, is there a limited supply or will there always be food. Basically, you need to either grow your food, make your supplies or move on from the area you’ve set up as base. There’s a finite supply of packaged goods in the world, so it’s essentially up to you to manage your intake and your community’s intake on the supplies you come by.

Another user asked about setting up a tent in the woods if you need to sleep and aren’t by an outpost or home. Unfortunately, this is one thing that you actually cannot do in the game. You will need to be by a home or outpost to set up a defensible area which in fact has to be a building. The AI, like we said in earlier details will be there to aid you if you gain their trust. A user asked if the AI will be able to drive with you when you go to raid other towns to gather supplies. Although the AI can’t actually drive, they will tag along in your vehicle and apparently there is some stuff that they can do while your driving, but Sanya said that they would rather show us in a gameplay video rather than speaking about it. Gameplay coming soon? I sure hope so.

One final question was about if you could play the game without an internet connection available. The simple answer, yes.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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