Update 10/21: Deal is refreshed! Now 20% off in US, UK, and EU.

You saved some of your sick days, right? Civilization VI is coming out October 21, so prepare to use those time off. If you’ve been looking to pre-order for the Aztec civilization bonus, not only can you do it but also at a reduced rate with a 15% discount.

GMG Deals

Bundle Stars Deals

Today GMG  slapped Civilization VI on their site with a 20% discount (must add to cart to see final price). Not only are they discounting the Standard Edition, but even Deluxe is 20% off and it gets better when you apply coupon code VIP3 at checkout for an additional 3% discount. That’s not bad considering we haven’t seen a pre-order discount on Civ 6 in months.

Also available is a 20% discount at Bundle Stars, who began selling 2K titles on their site less than a month ago. Either 2K is allowing them to get away with these discounts, or they have yet to put the hammer down on these guys like they have the competition. Either way, we doubt this discount will hold up from now through Civilization VI’s launch date.

If you find yourself debating on either the Standard or the Deluxe edition, consider what the Deluxe has to offer. You get the full Standard Edition copy with the Aztec Civilization pre-order bonus, the game’s 25th Anniversary Soundtrack, and 4 DLC packs that will not be available on day one of the game’s release. While we don’t have details on those 4 packs yet, 2K is saying the $20 extra you would normally pay for the Deluxe Edition is less cash than what all 4 will cost separately when they release.

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