Firaxis Games, in dedication to 25 years of their award-winning turn-based strategy series, has announced Civilization VI.

With the announcement comes the reveal of some of the new features coming to the new addition to the series. While cities used to be positioned on one title, no matter the level of advancement, Civilization VI will allow you to watch your cities grow across the map through multiple tiles like a fertile crop. Each tile the city seeps into will allow you to “take full advantage of the local terrain”. This will also include special districts that will dictate what wonders you can build.

This wouldn’t be the only area where what you can put into a tile has changed. Using the “one unit to a tile” system of prior titles, you can also now add support units such as anti-tank support or a settler to combative units. In addition, you’ll be able to combine multiple similar units into a singular powerful “Corps” unit.

You will fortunately have more of a need as ever to utilize your units. Through exploring, developing upon your environment, and discovering new cultures around you, the speed your civilization progresses through the historical technology tree will increase.

Another key shift will be the multiplayer. One aspect is the tools you have to communicate with others with will change over time. While first interactions at the dawn of time will only promise conflict, later in the game you will begin to unearth the tools to forge alliances and negotiations.

Another aspect is the addition of multiplayer modes. While the traditional modes of the series will still exist, for those who enjoy sinking 10+ hours into a singular game, smaller “situation” modes designed around cooperation or competitive play will also be there for those who want something to complete in a single session.

There are also plans to allow “new ways to build and tune [your] civilization for the greatest chance of success” for those who are intimately familiar with the series, while presenting new tutorial systems for newcomers to the franchise. Firaxes has talked about a shift away from a more uniform way of doing things and promises that you’ll need to consider your choices of technology and civilization growth to fit the needs of each individual game, rather than always following the same path.

Civilization VI has a current release date of 21st of October later this year for Windows PC only, which you can preorder now on Steam. Although shockingly it will be £49.99, up to £10 more than the standard AAA retail price. You can spend an extra £20 more on top of this (£69.99 in total) for the Digital Deluxe version which will include the game, soundtrack and four post-launch DLC packs which will include new maps, scenarios, civilizations and leaders.

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