Circadian City

Games such as The Sims and Animal Crossing have been a massive success for the life simulation genre, but Circadian City aims to offer something completely different.

Although very early in its development, Circadian City developer Nowhere Studios has revealed a brief outline of what is to come for its life simulator in a recent post on Indie DB.

In this post, Nowhere Studios pays homage to games that came before Circadian City, such as The Sims and Stardew Valley, before whimsically explaining how it will approach Circadian City in a unique way.

A significant part of Circadian City‘s gameplay revolves around the dream world. “As a strange twist of fate, it seems that people liked the concept of a life sim in a big city where we develop our personality in our dreams. We received a very warm welcome by the community since we opened the Steam page a little while ago,” Nowhere Studios writes.

Nowhere Studios’ post also contains concept art of the street life in Circadian City. This art was uploaded to YouTube two months ago, but Circadian City‘s first teaser trailer was uploaded just this week.

The trailer boasts charming pixel art and takes viewers through the basic routines of everyday life, concluding with a brief peek into the dream world.

Circadian City is currently in Early Access on Steam with over 6,000 users adding it to their wishlists so far. Alpha tests are planned to start in the coming months, and eager fans will eventually be able to apply for access via Circadian City‘s official Discord server.

No release date or estimation has been announced yet, but OnlySP will keep readers informed of future updates.

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