Summerfall Studios has released a new developer update for the upcoming musical adventure game Chorus.

The update reveals stretch goals for the title, along with information about the possible romance options.

Chorus’s creative director, David Gaider, detailed the available romantic pursuits. Rather than being separate side-quests, they are integrated stories that actually impact on the main story. They will conclude with a unique song between the partners.

Two characters are available to hook up with, although additional options will be included if the crowdfunding campaign meets its stretch goals. Other stretch goals include extra songs and quests at USD$700,000, as well as a behind-the-scenes documentary at $725,000. The team will include a full voiceover for the game if the project reaches $900,000.

As part of the update, a video also shows off the full Minotaur song, including how it might appear in Chorus. The developer previously released a sneak peek of the song, which was part of the October reveal trailer.

In Chorus, players take on the role of Grace. Using magical powers granted by a dying muse, she must try and prove her innocence when implicated in a murder.

Confrontations with other characters take place through musical battles. Players must pick the most appropriate lyrical responses through dialogue options during songs.

Chorus is currently standing at around $588,000 of its $600,000 target, with over 4,300 backers supporting the game so far. The Fig campaign will end on November 10, giving Summerfall Studios just five more days to reach the goal. If funded, you can expect a launch date in late 2021.

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